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Captured African  - Lancaster, UK

STAMP (Slave Trade Art Memorial Project)

The memorial was conceived and developed by Manchester-based artist Kevin Dalton-Johnson with support from mosaic artists Ann McArdle and young people involved in the programme of activities. "Captured Africans provides a place to pause and think, a place for quiet reflection on the human cost of this history and its legacy." The sculpture reflects the decks of the ships that carried the people, with various cargoes in perspex blocks. The front stainless steel column lists many of the ships that sailed from this quay and the number of slaves they picked up in Africa. A mosaic shows the origins and destinations. The statue was unveiled on Columbus Day, October 10th 2005. Kevin Dalton-Johnson, says "Historical accounts focus on the slaves, but do not focus enough on the Slave Trade itself. For this reason, I have chosen to focus on the Slave Trade and put the Slave Trade itself on exhibition as an exhibit."

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