Artist Curator



Ghost: Disappearing Histories - The Blues and Clubs of Hulme, Manchester (2012)

Collaboration with Andrew Dickinson
Commissioned by Common Word


Mojo Art Gallery 


Contemporary African Art Exhibition

Annabelle, Shannon and the 'Mojo' art gallery director

Kevin exhibited at the Mojo Art Gallery, Dubai in the As It Is series of exhibitions. Statements of Intent, a Generation Provoked is the third instalment of a four part multi-faceted exhibition series titled As It Is! It is the first ever group exhibition presenting contemporary African art in the Middle East. Over four months As It Is showcases over 21 leading and emerging artists who articulate a progressively evolutionary break from European stereotypes about 'contemporary African Art.' The concepts for the exhibition is an artist-led ideology. It is about their narratives, their experiences of being Black artists expressing their identity. Statements of Intent, a Generation Provoked as an&nbsp exhibition, focused on a generation of contemporary artists working within Africa and in the Diaspora, at the cusp of their creative careers carving out a distinct place for their artistic&nbsp ideologies and gaining international recognition as a result.


Who Cares?

Whitworth Art Gallery



Kevin has recently exhibited at The Whitworth Art Gallery as part of the award-winning* 'Who Cares?' Project Exhibition. Four pieces of Kevin's work are shown alongside paintings by Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Gilbert and George, Walter Sickert, David Bomberg, L.S.Lowry and Camille Pissarro. 

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit Strange Fruit Installation Opening Tolhuistuin Art Residency Tolhuistuin Amsterdam Inspired by art residency in Bamako at the Soleil D'Afrique art centre and the Billie Holiday record of the same name.  Strange Fruit installation exhibition opening at Toluistuin, Amsterdam. Installation created by artist Kevin Dalton-Johnson during his residency at Tolhuistuin, inspired by 'Billie Holiday.' Residency funded by Fonz BKVB. Performance by  Strange Fruit' installation exhibition opening at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. Installation created by artist, Kevin Dalton-Johnson during his residency at Tolhuistuin and inspired by 'Billie Holiday.' The residency was funded by Fonz BKVB. Performance - Denise Jan
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